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DIY Filmmaking Equipment Projects, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Carry On Travel LED Light Kit

A complete video lighting kit in a carry on luggage. Features 5 LED lights, including a fresnel LED, 6 light stands, soft box, Matthews Road Rags, grip heads, bounce, silks, clamps, duvetyne, gels, black wrap, gaffers tape, & stingers.
DIY LCD Production _Monitor_MNounting_Bracket Build an LCD Production Monitor Mounting Bracket for $30.
DSLR Focus Ring Gear Adapt a Video Focus Ring Gear to Work on a DSLR
DIY Kino Flo Tube Bracket Build a Kino Flo T12 Tube Bracket For $2.00
Location Sound Kit DIY Power Distro
Pigeon Plate DIY Stacking Stack You Plywood Mounted Wall Plates (Pigeon Plates)
C47 Alternate Uses Use C47 (clothing pins) as Small Wedges
Bungie Ball Uses Use Bungie Balls to Keep Your Equipment Neat