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$30. LCD Production Monitor Mount

This mounting system is more versatile than some of the $280 products because it can position the monitor at any angle as well vertical for green screen shoots.

This is also the fastest unit to setup. One side of the mounting plate stays on the monitor. Just slide monitor bracket together and it will lock automatically. Position grip head to suit your viewing needs. This project will require some welding.

Video mounting plate. Available at B&H $11.95

3/8" spud with collar guard. Available at FilmTools $10.75

Hand retractable plunger. Available at Carrlane Supply $7.

Lock both halves of the LCD mounting bracket together. Drill a hole one size larger than the plunger through both plates. Be sure that plunger hole will not interfere with brackets sliding apart. Enlarge the hole on the stand side of the bracket to accommodate the plunger assembly. Weld nut on inside of bracket for plunger. Weld Spud to back side. Spud collar at the end to prevent it from slipping out of grip head. Reverse 2 bottom screws to act as gu
ide pins.

LCD Bracket_1
LCD Bracket_2